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SMART™ for Public Sector

Emergency Management, Mobile Command & Interactive Training

Instant and Remote Collaboration!

Trusted by organizations such as Local and Federal Emergency Management Agencies, the Canadian Forces and the Canadian Red Cross, walk-up-and-use SMART solutions enable teams to immediately access mission-critical resources to heighten their situational awareness.

Key Public Sector Application Objectives and Benefits:

  • Access, share and disseminate information remotely for the following
    • Collaborative training and public education
    • Team meetings, briefings and debriefing
    • Emergency Response Management
  • Facilitate interactive and simulation-based training
  • Improve briefing, planning, collaborating and strategizing
  • Effectively communicate information visually to others
  • Save time in meetings, information preparation and follow-up
  • Instantly capture notes and information during meeting, training and other events

When every second counts, your technology solutions must be agile. They should offer compelling collaboration and training tools to swiftly disseminate information in a training or briefing room, or engage in real-time discussion with personnel thousands of miles away.

SMART Board Solutions for Public Safety

As Canada's first official SMART™ Certified Training Centre, and early adopters of SMART Technology, the VocaLinks SMART Board team specialize in the applied integration of technology in your workplace. Comprised of Human Services Professionals, Corporate Education and Leadership Consultants, Technology Training Specialists and Adult Learning Experts we will work with you to present the highest quality consultation, support and service throughout the decision making process.

VocaLinks is a SMART Certified Gold Level Reseller.

Team Meetings and Briefings

The SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer. The interactive whiteboard’s large, touch-enabled surface enables you to write in digital ink with your finger or a pen over applications, websites and videos.

Powerful collaboration generates numerous ideas and decisions – with SMART solutions, you can easily control applications from the interactive whiteboard, capture your meeting notes and materials. After a debriefing with local and remote participants, notes can be sorted into key categories and circulated to participants in seconds. Without the need to take individual notes, participants in meeting and briefings can focus on critical information and make key decisions.

Collaborative Training

SMART products add a visual, interactive dimension to the training experience offering the trainer the ability to instantly draw attention to key concepts, add crucial information, access multimedia components and add relevant notes. This is especially useful and essential in distance learning situations where participant engagement is challenging as well as for creating simulation-style components.

With an interactive whiteboard, trainers can visually demonstrate procedures, write over animations and clarify instructions by making notes in digital ink sharing knowledge becomes easier than ever. Remote participants become even more engaged in the training session when SMART Response Assessment is introduced. Users can write notes over files in digital ink, view remote screens and add their own contributions to the presentation with such devices as SMART Podiums and SMART Response Systems. SMART solutions ensure everyone can see, hear and participate in enhanced experiential learning, thus moving beyond passive reading and listening.

Emergency Response Management

In a crisis situation, teams can collaborate in minutes. Using automated data-sharing capabilities, local and remote participants stationed in emergency operation centers, incident command posts or mobile command centers can work together as if they were in the same room. To ensure easy integration with your existing products, SMART also offers enhanced support for a number of third-party conferencing applications.

Clear communication when it counts: Teams can clearly communicate, disseminate information and engage in real-time discussions with other responders, jurisdictional experts and government departments.

Using integrated data and voice sharing, and interactive displays, teams can quickly connect with critical resources and stakeholders anywhere. SMART solutions are trusted by many federal, state and local first responder organizations, including fire, police and EMS.

For more information about VocaLinks SMART Technologies Solutions for First Responders and Special Operations contact Nicola Andela.

Military personnel using an interactive whiteboard

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Are you getting the most out of your Interactive Whiteboards?

As Canada's first SMART™ Certified Training Centre VocaLinks offers numerous training programs to support the integration of SMART Technologies for team meetings and briefings, interactive emergency response management and collaborative training opportunities. We will work with you to select the best products and training solutions for your environment in order to fully actualize your investment in this technology.

VocaLinks SMART Training & Professional Development Brochure

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VocaLinks SMART Product Comparison Matrix (PDF)

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