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Consulting, Training and Support

Implementation Pilot Programs

Since 1998 VocaLinks has been assisting organizations to implement technology solutions such as Speech Recognition and Digital Transcription, to enhance successful adoption and increased end-user productivity. A key component of our implementation approach is to conduct a pilot project which we belief increases the likelihood of an effective large-scale enterprise deployment.

We work with our clients to design a research protocol that is realistic and workable as a small-scale version of the larger project in order to test the feasibility of integrating the new technology solution within the context of the existing organizational IT infrastructure. We also look at other variables such as training and support requirements to ensure successful adoption of the new tools throughout the user population.

The pilot study often helps us to see where there might be possible project failures or problems so that we can develop remedies, methods and tools prior to full implementation. Finally, we document all valuable insights, processes and outcomes from the study to apply to any further project work.


Download: VocaLinks Proof of Concept/Pilot Project Methodology


Typical Pilots can be conducted within 90 days once the pilot objectives and methodology has been approved. Typical steps in the pilot study include:

  • Defining of the research objectives / question
  • Selection project team to represent IT and User Groups
  • Selection of the target or sample population
  • Complete the study design
  • Finalize the written protocol and methodology
  • Determine integration requirements
    • In the case of Speech Recognition we review custom vocabulary needs
  • Create communication, training and support plan
  • Deploy the Pilot Study
    • Implement the training and support plan for IT and end-users
  • Observe and document findings
  • Create final report with findings and recommendations
  • Determine next steps for larger-scale implementation

Overview of the Dragon Implementation Methodology

VocaLinks has over 15 years of selling, implementing and providing superior training and support for Speech Recognition solutions.  We will put our many years of experience deploying Dragon solutions to work for you to help you to avoid some of the pitfalls that lead to unsatisfactory result with speech recognition.

As a Gold Certified Partner, VocaLinks has worked very closely with Nuance the developers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  We believe a metrics-driven implementation process and pilots are the best way for our clients to ensure that the critical steps and skills required to optimize and tune a more advanced, voice-automated workflow are implemented. We help our clients to quantify the resulting benefits that speech technology delivers to their organizations and the return-on-investment. 

We have defined a five-phase process to guide these projects.  When followed, this methodology optimizes the use of Dragon and its impact on organizational effectiveness. The five phases of an effective Dragon implementation Methodology are:

  1. Phase I: Project Kick-off Meeting
  2. Phase II: Discovery
  3. Phase III: Planning and Design
  4. Phase IV: Deploy
  5. Phase V: Optimization

VocaLinks recognizes that a successful Dragon implementation is a partnership between your organization and ours.  We will help you develop a joint steering group with VocaLinks participating by bringing speech recognition best practices to your Dragon implementation, saving time and allowing you to take advantage of this powerful speech recognition technology.

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