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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional

... It types while you talk!

Whether at school or in the office, VocaLinks has a Dragon Dictation Solution that will work for you. Educators, administrators and clerical staff will speed through paperwork and reporting tasks with improved accuracy and detail. Dragon Professional Individual or Dragon Professional Group (coming soon) enables professionals to create documents and email, search the Web, and control their PCs entirely by voice. Complete paperwork three times faster than typing so more time can be spent servicing new and existing clients.

Speech Recognition for Education

For students – Dragon allows students to capture their immediate thoughts and ideas on the computer without having to struggle with spelling, memory issues or fine motor skills. With support from VocaLinks instructors and classroom teachers, students will benefit from using Dragon for all their typing tasks, from brainstorming ideas to final written products such as essays, paragraphs, reports, research and more!

For Educators and Administrative Personnel - Dragon Professional Individual or Dragon Professional Group (coming soon) software can reduce the time required to complete essential paperwork by over 50%.

Dragon Professional Individual will type as you speak. No more typing long assessment reports, IEPs and report cards and even lesson plans. Administrative tasks such as document creation, email and searching the Web can be done entirely by voice. Dragon can be integrated with database systems for improved productivity using voice commands to navigate the computer for repetitive tasks instead of mouse clicks. Plus, add unique names, acronyms, and subject terminology for specific documentation needs so that Dragon will recognize the words and phrases that are used.


woman using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking dication solution for education

Implementation, Training & Support

Getting to know Dragon Professional Individual and how it works best for you is our specialty. Our Dragon certified instructors provide students, educators and administrators with the necessary skills to use the software efficiently and effectively. Our one-to-one training sessions focus on developing what you need on a daily basis to get the job done.

The Ontario Ministry of Education (OSAPAC) has licensed Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional v11 for public and catholic K-12 schools, therefore educators and administration can use the software at their school/board office.

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