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Graphical Link to Workplace Accommodation (silhouette of hand with wrist injury)

Workplace Accommodation
that helps your employees
Stay at Work and
Return to Work faster

Graphical Link to College and University Supports (silhouette of speech clouds with laptop)

Accommodation and
learning tools for
transition to college
through PHd

Graphical Link to k-12 Learning (silhouette of students in a circle with speech bubbles)

K-12 learning with
reading, writing and
study skill support
and technologies

Graphical Link to Low Vision and Blindness Technology (silhouette of eye with plus sign)

Accessibility for people
with visual impairments

for school, work and
quality of life

Graphical Link to Coaching and Tutoring (silhouette of heads linking with light bulb and a brain)

Training and support
for groups, individual
professional development,
or those with disabilities


Accessibility and Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) includes both devices and services. AT can help people learn, compete in the work environment, achieve independence, or improve quality of life.

Software Hardware
Speech Recognition, Graphic
Organizers, Text-to-Speech, Word
Prediction, Screen Magnifiers
Microphones, Digital Recorders,
Alternative mouse/keyboards


Consultation, Training and Support

VocaLinks expert staff of sales professional, consultants and trainers possess an exceptional storehouse of experience and knowledge valuable to meeting the unique needs of persons requiring assistive technology. They have broad experience adapting their products to individual situations and helping local practitioners find one-of-a-kind solutions for consumers with disabilities.

Website Accessibility With BrowseAloud

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Website Accessibility with BrowseAloud
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VocaLinks installation of new technology and user training will ensure the success of implementation and return on investment. Training is a vital part of the process.

What are the solutions?


Potential Solution

RSI, Musculoskeletal Injury

Dragon Speech Recognition Software, Alternate mouse/keyboard

Difficulty Reading, Vision Impairment

ClaroRead Pro, Claro Cloud OCR or WordQ Text-to-Speech Software, Screen magnification

Difficulty Writing and/or Spelling

► Dragon, Kurzweil 3000 and/or WordQ Word Prediction Software, digital recorders

Organizational Difficulties

ClaroIdeas, or Inspiration Graphic Organizer Software, digital recorders

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