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Low Vision and Blindness Solutions

Assistive Technology Software and Hardware
with superior training and support.

VocaLinks is a trusted provider of low vision technologies, assessment and training for individuals experiencing difficulties as a result of vision loss and blindness. Improving technologies and adaptive products help our clients live full, independent lives, prosper in educational environments and succeed in the workplace.

Low Vision and Blindness accommodation solutions for Education and Workplace

We provide technology hardware, software, and training solutions for learners in schools (K12, Post Secondary) and individuals in the workplace.

VocaLinks offers the latest technologies for reading, computers and adaptive vision aids designed specifically to help people with low vision or blindness access information.

Assistive Technology for learners with Vision Loss and Blindness

Screen reading software such as JAWS software from Freedom Scientific, converts on-screen text - whatever you are writing or reading - into synthesized speech. Ideal for blind computer users, JAWS provides speech and Braille output for the most popular computer applications on your PC. Ai Squared’s ZoomText Fusion Pro is designed for users with advanced or progressive vision loss. It provides the features and benefits of ZoomText Magnifier/Reader, plus a complete screen reader. We also provide support for additional Assistive Technologies such as ImageReaders and OCR, Speech Recognition Software, Screen Magnification, Mathematical Word Processing, Large Print Keyboards, Magnifiers, Reader Pens and Braille Products - Duxbury Braille Translation Software.

Workplace Accommodation for People with Vision Loss and Blindness

Organizations that have employees who are not working due to accidental injury can benefit from VocaLinks Return to Work programs. Implementing a custom technology and training solution for your employees will help them get back to work faster, which is proven to increase confidence and assist in the healing process, while minimizing claim costs. Some individuals require accommodation in order to complete their daily tasks on the computer efficiently and effectively. VocaLinks Accommodation Solutions are composed of Assistive Technology software and hardware that give people the means to be productive and confident workers. Whether managing an injury, a learning disability or vision impairment, we can assess each individual’s needs and recommend a program to support them in the workplace.

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