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Training & Support

Due to COVID-19, the VocaLinks retail location is not open for pick up orders. ONLINE or TELEPHONE ORDERS THAT ARE SHIPPED ARE NOT AFFECTED.
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Assistive Technology Solutions

Assistive Technology (AT)

Assistive Technology is software or hardware that allows individuals access to curriculum in an alternative way. Students managing Learning Disabilities benefit immensely from incorporating AT into their daily school work. AT software can be text-to-speech such as ClaroRead Pro (click here for all Claro Software versions for Windows and Mac) and WordQ, speech-to-text like Dragon Professional Individual or Dragon Professional Group, accessibility tools such as Classroom Suite 4 and Boardmaker Plus, and even vision accommodation tools like Jaws and ZoomText.

Special Education Amount (SEA)

Students who require assistive technology (deemed appropriate for them by qualified professionals) to meet their unique needs are given access to their own suite of technology tools. Individual training sessions are the best way to give each student just what they need, when they need it and at their own pace. Our instructors are experts in providing students with a customized training plan using curriculum content to make learning relevant and engaging, while utilizing the tools they need to succeed now and in the future.

Group Training

Group training provides individuals who learn better interacting and engaging with their peers the opportunity do so. VocaLinks consultants are very comfortable working in a classroom environment for small and large groups of students. Working with school educators to include relevant learning and curriculum content, students receive customized AT training with the support of their classmates.

Professional Development (PD)

With technology in the classroom moving constantly forward, educators need the opportunity to learn new skills or continue developing what they already know just like their students. VocaLinks provides onsite individual or group training, summer and break courses at our training facility or full computer lab programs at your location. Our instructors inform, inspire and equip educators to support student success.


A hand holding an Assistive Technology hardware device.

Assistive Technology Summer Camp

Every summer VocaLinks works with school boards, students and parents to offer AT Camps in various locations in Ontario. Parents and students receive the opportunity to develop new skills and learn best practices for using AT in the classroom, with joint and separate activities. Each camp consists of four half days, (morning or afternoon) and consists of many activities to engage students and inform parents with hands on access to the technology, guest speakers and more!


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