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Transcription Workflow

Do you dictate into a recorder?

Do you send dictations to an outside transcription service?

Does an assistant proofread and/or finalize your dictations?

Does more than a day pass between you recording a dictation and finalizing the documentation?

Do you dictate at a computer but not have time to correct your own dictations?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then VocaLinks can save you time, effort and money with a Dictation Workflow Solution.

By combining a mobile recording device with workflow management software and speech recognition technology, we can help you automate the flow of your dictations so that a few minutes after you have finished each dictation, you or your assistant will be notified that a typed transcript is ready to be reviewed.

How do we do it?

A medical professional using transcription workflow solutions

How does this save you time and money?

  • No manual intervention is required to convert recorded dictation into typed text.  Philips SpeechExec manages this process.
  • Highly accurate Dragon Medical speech recognition produces draft transcripts that require very little correction.
  • Notifications alert author and typist that documents are ready for review.
  • Automated copy and paste speeds up the process of transferring reviewed dictations into your EMR records.
  • VocaLinks Superior Training and Support ensures that your Dictation Workflow solution is up and running quickly and that your staff are using it effectively.

Contact our experts today to design the dictation workflow solution that best fits the way you work.

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