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Healthcare Training and Support

VocaLinks is considered a thought leader in the area of Speech Recognition and Digital Transcription solutions, due to our extensive experience and expertise. VocaLinks has implemented numerous solutions that help to reduce the time it takes to complete patient records and other essential paperwork.

Since 1998, VocaLinks Inc. has been working with healthcare professionals to implement and configure dictation software and hardware, and to provide comprehensive training services. We presently provide sales and superior training and support services to implement Dragon® Medical Practice Edition; digital transcription solutions from Philips and other speech recognition tools.

Our healthcare-oriented dictation solutions are tailored to your specific needs and can include: Dragon® Medical installation, user training, digital recorder training, coaching and support for administrative staff, template and macro creation, Roaming User setup and ongoing live web-based assistance packages.

We will work with you to create an end-to-end solution that includes software and hardware; input devices such as digital recorders or special noise-cancelling / wireless microphones. Once you have selected your transcription/speech-to-text software and hardware, we will then develop a tailored implementation, training and support program to ensure full adoption and utilization.

Whether you are a new or experience user, we have created a program to help you make the most of your technology investment. A typical training program is broken down into chunks to suit the busy schedules of physicians and those who assist them. 

Those new to Dragon® Medical can purchase the New Doctor Training Package which includes onsite sessions and a 3 Year no-charge support (phone, email and online).  A certified Dragon Trainer will work with you to create a learning program that may include:

  • installation, setup, configuration
  • user profile training / general training
  • digital dictation best practices
  • correction process & editing techniques
  • digital recorder or Speechmike setup and training
  • wireless microphone setup (where required)
  • voice file refinements & how to improve accuracy
  • dictation into EMRs
  • administrative staff support and training
  • template and macro creation
  • roaming user set-up
  • system diagnostics and software support

Contact VocaLinks today to learn more about our Speech Recognition and Digital Transcription training and support programs for doctors and healthcare professionals.

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