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Training & Support

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Workplace Accommodation

Assistive Technology Software and Hardware
with superior training and support.

Our AT specialists will analyze an employee’s typical computing tasks and recommend a technology solution that meets the needs of both the employer and the employee. With superior training and support, your employees will be able to maximize their time at work completing the tasks that are crucial to the success of your organization.

How does VocaLinks fit into Workplace Accommodation?

VocaLinks Accommodation Solutions help your organization (large or small) with AODA legislation employment standards compliance. We provide technology hardware, software, and training programs for individuals who work with computers and require accommodation to complete their daily tasks. Our passion is ensuring that all employees have the right tools to enable them to stay at work longer or return to work faster. 

VocaLinks Workplace Solutions provide employers with technology and training to support employee accommodations for computer access. This results in keeping employees on the job and productive!

Our Process

We have over 20 years of experience working with computer technology to support disabilities, and have developed a start to finish process that enables our team of consultants to support individuals and organizations in implementing accommodation programs.


Our accommodation specialist initiates a discussion with the organization’s accommodation and accessibility team to determine the needs of the individual. A preliminary questionnaire provides us with the information required to recommend a custom technology and training solution that could include hardware, software, training, and support.

Implement Solution

The recommended custom technology and training solution is sent to the organization, and further communication ensues to ensure that the recommended solution aligns with the organization’s requirements. Support for installation of software and configuration of hardware is also provided to the organization’s Information Technology department when required. Once the solution is approved by the organization, training sessions are scheduled with the individual and their technologist.


Superior training from VocaLinks expert technologists integrates the technology required into the individual’s work tasks and ensures that they comprehend how to utilize it daily to support their accommodation. The number of training sessions is dependent on the individual’s accommodation needs, the programs they need to use, and their current computer skills. Training consists of on-site, one-to-one sessions which provides the individual with instruction, best practices, and strategies to use the technology to its full potential.

Ongoing Support

Contact VocaLinks technicians or technologists to receive support for any software or hardware issues that arise during the use of the technology to quickly resolve them so as not to interrupt the daily work flow of the end user. Support can also be used for additional training where required.

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