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SMART Certified Training Centre

VocaLinks is a pioneering organization that established the first SMART Certified Training Centre in Canada.  This state-of-the-art facility opened in March 2012 fully-equipped with multiple SMART Interactive Whiteboards, LCD Displays, Document Cameras, SMART Response devices, Macintosh and PC Computers and other technologies such as Apple TV, and IPads. Our Training Centre can be configured for hands-on Assistive Technology and SMART Interactive Whiteboard training programs.

We have seven certified instructors who have been working all across Ontario providing certified SMART training to teachers, students, administrators and business professionals.

We conduct SMART certification-eligible courses such as SMART Level 1 Foundations, Level 2 Lesson Development, SMART Response (Assessment) and Certification Trainer courses at your location or in our own training facility located in Toronto. We also provide onsite SMART Interactive Whiteboard coaching programs which are customized for the learning needs of educators and business people.

Participants of our full-day SMART courses receive lunch, a Learner Workbook, resources materials and a USB with Notebook Software file examples and a 90 day user license of Notebook Software.

In addition to standardized courseware programs described above, we provide training that specifically models the environment where the technology will be used such as in the classroom or the boardroom.

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In our SMART Coaching programs:

  • We model the use of Interactive Whiteboard technology for educational use for teachers with Assistive Technology for whole classroom instruction.  We integrate the use of many tools such as the SMART Sync, SMART Table, SMART Slate, SMART Responses and Podiums to demonstrate the interactivity and engagement that these tools deliver in a 21st Century classroom environment.
  • For the business professional we model our SMART Interactive Whiteboard training for conducting presentations, meetings and for interactive collaborative corporate training. We look at the integration of such tools as SMART Interactive Whiteboard, SMART Displays and Bridgit Conferencing Software.

Onsite training attendees require SMART Notebook software for Windows or Mac to be loaded on their own laptops to participate fully in the training.

Contact VocaLinks today to learn more about our SMART training, installation and support programs.



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