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Graphical Link to Assistive Technology Solutions (silhouette of hand holding a cog)

Assistive Technology
and Alternative Learning

for groups, individual
professional development,
or those with disabilities

Graphical Link to Cross Platform AT (silhouette of puzzle pieces)

Cross platform technology
support for Individuals
with Print, Reading,
Memory, Organizational and
Study Skills

Graphical Link to G Suite and Microsoft 365 for Education (silhouette of cloud and various computing devices)

Expand you teaching to
provide inclusive, interactive
and collaborative learning
tools with G Suite and
Microsoft 365 for Education

Graphical Link to Low Vision and Blindness Technology (silhouette of eye with plus sign)

The latest technologies
for reading, computers
and adaptive vision
for students
with visual impairments

Graphical Link to Coaching and Tutoring (silhouette of heads linking with light bulb and a brain)

Engaging, individualized
one-on-one or group
Assistive Technology Coaching
and Tutoring
for students,
parents and educators


Education technology comes in various shapes and sizes, from individual computers to mobile devices and interactive whiteboards, to classroom-size labs that include everything!  VocaLinks expert consultants teach you how to work confidently with these technologies.

We focus on the effective implementation of the following technology tools and strategies in K-12, post-secondary, private and First Nation schools:

  • Assistive Technology that addresses learning and physical needs
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition for text entry and hands-free computing
  • SMART Interactive Whiteboards and classroom tools

We work with educators, Board consultants, students and parents to provide students with superior training and support that addresses their unique learning needs.

For Special Education, our instruction provides students with personalized learning strategies that effectively integrate technology tools while fostering student success. View our EQAO & OSSLT Coaching and Prep services for Students and Educators.

Our customized Professional Development programs give educators exactly what they require so technology in the classroom can be used to its full potential.

VocaLinks Workplace Accommodation solutions ensure that adults with specific needs are able to complete their daily tasks efficiently and effectively whether in the classroom or in administrative roles.

Our pairing of SMART Interactive Whiteboards with interactive, visually interesting lessons engages students in the classroom and makes learning more exciting!

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Student and teachers alike will be amazed at the speed and accuracy, plus the new transcription capability Dragon Professional Individual and Dragon Professional Individual for Mac provides, delivering less stress and more success in the classroom.

Our expert trainers know exactly what you need to engage your students in the classroom. We have been working with teachers and students for the past 15 years and our knowledge of applying technology to curriculum is exceptional. Contact us now for more information or to schedule training for your teachers so they can implement new strategies for whole classroom instruction.


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