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SMART™ for Education

Inclusive Internet-enabled Classrooms for 21st Century Learning


Universal Design for Learning and Whole Classroom Instruction

Today's classrooms today are filled with a diverse range of students. Some are primarily visual learners, some are auditory learners and some kinesthetic. Some speak English as a second language. Others may be gifted and talented. Still others may struggle with physical, mental, behavioral or emotional challenges. Incorporating SMART interactive whiteboards and learning tools into classroom instruction allows educators to improve the learning environment for all students by helping to individualize instruction.

VocaLinks SMART products and training are designed to support a wide variety of students in the learning process. The products provides teachers with multiple ways to represent information using interactive text, images, sound and video files, and thus engage a broad range of learners. Students can use the same features of the product to demonstrate their understanding of a topic. Touch-sensitive boards in particular give multiple options for interacting with displayed information, including by finger, pen tool or other object. Finally, interactive whiteboards captivate learners of the digital age, increasing student engagement with instant, tactile access to digital resources.

As Canada's first official SMART™ Certified Training Centre, and early adopters of SMART Technology, the VocaLinks SMART Board team specialize in inclusive education. Comprised of Ontario Certified and ELL Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, Assistive Technologists and Adult Learning specialists we will work with you to present the highest quality consultation, support and service throughout the decision making process.

VocaLinks is a SMART Certified Gold Level Reseller

Early Learning

Make Learning as Creative as Playing

Early learners are building the foundational tools for interacting in today’s digital world and the SMART interactive whiteboard allows them to connect with content in a natural and intuitive way. Kinesthetic learners, pre-schoolers and early learners learn by doing. The SMART Table Collaborative Learning Center or a 800 series SMART Board transports them to a magical world of learning where they can see their actions, drawings and words come to life in front of their eyes.

The SMART Table Toolkit and SMART Notebook software is the key to seamless integration between all of SMART’s products. Educators can create lessons with large fonts, bright colours, compelling visuals and sound clips to help students make connections between words and context. The multi-touch functionality of the technology encourages sharing and collaborative learning for young students, key criteria for continued social development.

By incorporating an adjustable floor stand, a SMART Document Camera and SMART Response LE Assessment tools educators can build interactive learning centres that capture the attention and imagination of early learners. A SMART interactive classroom makes school fun and engaging and builds a love of learning at one of the most important times in a child’s development.

Special Education

Creating Accessible & Inclusive Learning Spaces

Guided by Universal Design for Learning principles, SMART solutions provide multiple ways for teachers and their students to represent and express information. And they make it easy for students to engage with instruction.

The SMART Board 800i series interactive whiteboard with an ultra-short throw projector is the ideal solution for an inclusive environment as it removes the physical barriers and provides easy, safe access to the interactive whiteboard. By eliminating the cords and cables associated with standalone projectors and reducing shadows, students of all abilities can feel involved and included with their peers. Everyone is using the same equipment, so there is no separation with equipment or lesson delivery.

Assistive Technology Specialists, VocaLinks will work with you to select the SMART Solutions and training that fit the needs of your classroom as well as your students. Adjustable wall mounts, wireless connectors, integrated projectors, age and ability appropriate SMART Response devices and SMART Document Cameras are all tools that can be incorporated into your classroom technology, ensuring the needs of children with specific learning challenges or IEP goals are met without singling any child out.

Smart Inclusion for the 21st Century Classroom

English Language Learners

It takes time for all English language learners to gain a new language. They must learn social language, as well as more difficult academic language, often in context with subject matter which students may not have an inherent understanding of. Students with ELL needs are often playing catch up while their native-English speaking peers are learning content and new language which can lead to high anxiety, confusion and distraction.

Interactive White board in the classroom

VocaLinks SMART Solutions allow students with ELL needs to work alongside native English speaking students to build confidence and reduce anxiety. Students who may be shy or self-conscious speaking with teachers or their peers can use the words and images on the SMART Board to convey ideas. Plus, using the board is intuitive, making it easy for students to start using it, even without instruction that may be difficult for them to understand.

Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learning styles can all be accommodated using the SMART Board, making it easier for students to understand and retain lesson content. With the SMART Document Camera teachers can bring in examples of objects that may not be familiar to students from other countries or cultures and give them a chance to see the objects first-hand. They can incorporate real life objects into lessons helps make them more relevant and exciting to students, keeping them engaged and helping them learn. SMART’s Notebook software files can be filled with pictures, videos and sound clips that can enhance student understanding without losing the momentum of the rest of the class, or taking the time to specifically address the cultural context to a few students, thus embarrassing or singling them out. Audio recording and playback functionality within SMART Notebook lets students hear and see a word which helps to reinforce understanding.

Seamlessly integrated into Notebook software, SMART Response Assessment software allows teachers can prepare questions within their lessons or add questions on the fly to help gauge understanding. Students are able to answer questions discreetly using anonymous mode which lets them gauge their own understanding without any embarrassment, decreasing anxiety and keeping students more engaged.


Deployment, Training & Support


Are you getting the most out of your Interactive Whiteboards?

VocaLinks is pleased to offer SMART Board™ training programs led by our team of SMART™ Certified instructors. We offer numerous programs ranging from Introductory to Advanced, structured as in-depth hands-on experiences. Our goal is to ensure teachers are able to comfortably use technology will increase the likelihood of them using it, boosting the return on the investment.

Experience our Assistive Technology featuring SMART course, a unique integration of SMART Board™ and Assistive Technology specially designed for whole classroom instruction and inclusive education.

VocaLinks on-site full day course offerings include:

  • SMART Notebook Beginner
  • SMART Notebook Intermediate
  • SMART Assessment (Response)
  • Assistive Technology featuring SMART
  • SMART Notebook Certification
  • Custom SMART Board Courses

VocaLinks SMART Training & Professional Development Brochure

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