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Is your computer hurting you?

The daily tasks required to enter your patient records and keep them up-to-date involve quite a bit of repetitive mouse and keyboard activity.  Too much repetition leads to injury.

The speech recognition experts at VocaLinks can help you identify the repetitive tasks in your workday and automate them with hands-free voice commands.  Not only do we reduce the strain on your hands, in many cases repetitive tasks can be carried out more quickly (up to ten times faster) with a voice command than through conventional mouse and keyboard activity.  We use the suite of scripting tools built into Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 to accomplish this, and back this service up with VocaLinks superior training and support.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 allows healthcare professionals to work on a computer using their voices to type and perform mouse clicks, resulting in hands-free use and increased efficiency.  Dragon is beneficial for individuals with injuries such as: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI), Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).  For more information about using Dragon to address injuries in the workplace, see: Dragon Solutions: From RSI to ROI

Prevention Solutions

The Ontario Ministry of Labour recommends implementing prevention practices in the workplace in order to minimize injury for employees. Healthcare professionals can reduce their risk of computer-related pains and strains by using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.  Using your voice to type and click the mouse is a simple and easy way to keep everyone healthy and productive.  There are many positive outcomes to implementing a prevention program.  For instance:

  • Healthy staff who are free from discomfort typically work more efficiently.
  • WSIB lost-time injury claims and the associated direct and indirect costs are reduced.

For more information about the positive outcomes to a prevention program, visit:
Ontario Ministry of Labour: Workplace Pains & Strains Prevention


A person holding an assistive device

Accommodation Solutions

Some individuals require accommodation in order to complete their daily tasks on the computer efficiently and effectively.  VocaLinks Accommodation Solutions are composed of Assistive Technology software and hardware components that give people the means to be productive and confident workers.  Whether managing an injury, a learning disability or vision impairment, we can assess each individual’s needs and recommend a program to support them in the workplace.

Technology examples are: ClaroRead, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, ZoomText, WordQ, BrowseAloud. To learn more about Assistive Technology: AT Program Description and Benefits

VocaLinks Accommodation Solutions can also assist organizations in complying with AODA legislation.


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