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ClaroRead, ClaroIdeas and ClaroCapture for Mac Updates!

October 28, 2018

ClaroRead for Mac now works Mojave.

Mojave introduces more security features. ClaroRead for Mac 6.3 has been written to make sure these new features work smoothly and easily for our users.

Free updates available.

ClaroCapture for Mac has been updated.

ClaroCapture for Mac 1.3 is a great study skills tool and it now includes Capture Text from Screen. You can now draw a box around some text on the screen, convert it to text and insert the text as a new item.

When researching, ClaroCapture references all text that is selected so that you don’t have to. The research file can be sent to Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or the clipboard. If information is highlighted in different colours, ClaroCapture can put all of the same coloured highlighted text together making your research ready to be put into a report or even opened in ClaroIdeas.

ClaroIdeas is now available on Mac!

ClaroIdeas is a great  mindmapping tool, helping to Illustrate your ideas, projects, plans and everything else you can imagine. This app helps the user organise their thoughts so that it is quicker and easier to structure assignments and reports. Free with ClaroRead Plus software

ClaroIdeas Web and ClaroIdeas for Chrome out now! Included in your ClaroRead Cloud account or an annual ClaroRead Licence for your organisation.

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