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Due to COVID-19, the VocaLinks retail location is not open for pick up orders. ONLINE or TELEPHONE ORDERS THAT ARE SHIPPED ARE NOT AFFECTED.
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Accessibility, Assistive
Software, Training
and Support

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Business solutions
to boost productivity
at the office and
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Education technology
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Streamline daily
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Healthcare reporting

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Increase efficiency
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Public Service

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Training and


VocaLinks is one of Canada’s leading providers of productivity improvement solutions for businesses and individuals.

Since 1998, VocaLinks has been the leader in the creation of customized technology solutions for the Education, Business, Healthcare and Public Sector industries.

By blending leading-edge software with innovative hardware products in the realms of text to voice/voice to text software, data input hardware and many other productivity tools, VocaLinks delivers end-to-end solutions as well as a full suite of on-site training services to help you maximize your understanding, competence and efficiency.

Whether a solution is chosen to support the learning process for an individual student, or to maximize the report-writing efficiency of a first responder, doctor or lawyer, VocaLinks has industry-leading solutions that unleash the power of people!


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Shop Collections Online

Speech Recognition and Dictation

A collection of Speech Recognition and Dictation products. Includes best of brand from Nuance, Philips Dictation, SpeechWare and Jabra.

Accommodation and Assistive Technology

A collection of products for Accommodation and Assistive Technology. Includes best of brand from Claro, Dragon and Freedom Scientific.

Professional Microphones and Headsets

A collection of Professional Microphones and Headsets. Includes best of brand products from Nuance, Philips Dictation, SpeechWare and Jabra.

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