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Training & Support



Speech Recognition Solutions:

  • On-Site Installation & Audio Test*
  • Speech Recognition Introduction
  • Vocabulary Build
  • Toll-free Telephone Support
  • Upgrade Notification

Recorder-Based Office Solutions:

  • On-Site Installation*
  • Digital Recorder Introduction
  • Vocabulary Build
  • Computer-Assisted Transcription Introduction
  • Toll-free Telephone Support
  • Upgrade Notification

Convenience, Productivity and Peace of Mind

That's what VocaLinks Inc. Professional Solutions are all about!

*Anywhere in Ontario - outside of Ontario, additional charges will be added to cover travel and accommodation. Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars.

VocaLinks AT Design Group 

This year, more than 1 in 80 full-time workers will be confronted with a debilitating disease, workplace injury or other condition that prevents them from effectively completing their day-to-day work responsibilities.

The VocaLinks ATDesign Group is a manifestation of our collective experience in Special Education, Healthcare, and Business.

Today, we serve thousands of students, professionals, employers and employees in search of maximizing productivity, accommodation and self-esteem.

Contact us today for more information.

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