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Advancement Through Technology

Training is essential to the achievements of a company. It benefits the business to develop better, higher performing employees. Employees are more loyal to companies that value their growth, which in turn reduces turnover rates and builds a stronger more satisfied workforce. Increased job knowledge, corporate cultural awareness and high employee morale leads to improved profitability and more positive attitudes towards profit orientation.

Implementing a corporate training program however can be challenging. Geographically dispersed workforces, travel costs and content retention are all factors that can impact the effectiveness of training and are frequently cited reasons to reduce the training budget or department.

VocaLinks SMART Training Solutions can add the ability to interact with trainers, increase the amount of collaboration between trainees, provide better and more visual content, and connect remote participants. SMART products add a visual, interactive dimension to the training experience offering the trainer the ability to instantly draw attention to key concepts, add crucial information, access multimedia components and add relevant notes. The result is better engagement, increased clarity and retention and new ways to extend to remote locations.

As Canada's first official SMART™ Certified Training Centre, and early adopters of SMART Technology, the VocaLinks SMART Board team specialize in the applied integration of technology in your workplace. Comprised of Human Services Professionals, Corporate Education and Leadership

Consultants, Technology Training Specialists and Adult Learning Experts we will work with you to present the highest quality consultation, support and service throughout the decision making process.

VocaLinks is a SMART Certified Gold Level Reseller.

Visual Collaboration Solutions

Whether your teams work together informally or in a structured environment VocaLinks has a SMART Solution that will work for you. SMART Visual Collaboration Solutions consist of integrated, touch-enabled interactive whiteboards, displays and systems, and innovative tools that enable productive collaboration. Moving well beyond flipcharts and dry-erase boards, our solutions help you create engaging workspaces, where teams easily access and interact with information. And you can save and share work, regardless of your location.

VocaLinks SMART Solutions will help you accomplish more in meetings, accelerate decision making and problem solving by introducing unparalleled efficiency and flexibility to your meetings and work sessions. Simply turn on your SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard and you can immediately access your resources and connect with people from your meeting room. Share information, write notes, write over documents and capture everything in a single file that you can e-mail to your team.

For more information about VocaLinks SMART Technologies Solutions for Business contact your Regional Business Development Manager. Please indicate your geographical location in the subject line.

Deployment, Training & Support


Are you getting the most out of your Interactive Whiteboards?

As Canada's first SMART™ Certified Training Centre VocaLinks offers numerous training programs to support the integration of SMART Technologies for team meetings and collaborative  projects  and interactive training. All VocaLinks training programs are structured as in-depth hands-on learning experiences.

VocaLinks will work with you to select the best products and training solutions for your environment, support from conception through to post-project assessment in order to fully actualize your investment in this technology.

VocaLinks SMART Training & Professional Development Brochure

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